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Searching for Pilates Instructors
Denver Pilates Movement is looking for certified, experienced Pilates instructors! Preferably classically trained but open to other training as well. Inquire within the studio or email Dana at dana@denverpilatesmovement.com
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4.9 stars | 58 reviews
Denver Pilates Movement
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Pilates Studio in Denver, CO

Welcome to Denver Pilates Movement. There is no shortage of Pilates studios in Denver: it seems there is one on every corner. But not all Pilates studios are created equal.  That’s why Denver Pilates Movement has a loyal group of clients who drive across town, passing a number of other Pilates studios, just to get to us. They tell us they come the extra distance for:

  • The individualized attention
  • Our knowledge of the body
  • Our commitment to teaching clients how to move in ways that will make them strong, resilient, and pain-free.
  • Our knowledge of and commitment to the Classical Pilates work
  • Gratz Equipment
  • Our ability to adapt to each client


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Introductory Packages

Get Your Feet Wet


Includes 3 Private Lessons

Dive In


Includes 5 Private Lessons

Take The Plunge


Includes 5 Private Lessons & 5 Group Classes

Make Us Your Pilates Home

From personalized private and semi-private sessions to small group classes, we prioritize your individual goals. Whether you're a weekend warrior or dealing with specific health concerns, our studio is the perfect place to strengthen your body and hone your Pilates skills. With an inviting atmosphere and a team dedicated to your success, Denver Pilates Movement is your home for Classical Pilates. 

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Our Offerings Include

  • Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Group Classes
  • Private & Semi-Private Pilates Lessons
  • Group Pilates Classes
  • Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates Lessons
  • Classical & Contemporary Pilates
  • Gentle Pilates
  • Express Pilates
  • Rehab Pilates Lessons


Storefront for Denver Pilates Movement.
Pilates instructor helping member with core strength exercise.
Pilates machines.
Core stability workout.
Extreme core strength exercise.

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Our Reviews

4.9 stars | 58 reviews
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